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IODA is an Italian company founded in 1977. Since then it has always worked in the optics production, making ophthalmic lenses, lenses for industrial applications or Led lenses for lighting.

IODA is a company of engineers, whose knowledge and technology distinguishes it in the production of lenses, which is our main business. Thanks to our flexible production, we can create lenses following our customers’ peculiar requirements.

IODA designs and builds all its products in Italy.

industrial lens design

Optical systems, design and customisation

IODA s.r.l. works on customers’ specifications, giving support with system design and development, from sample phase to mass production. IODA s.r.l. makes use of the collaboration of the University of Padua, in particular works with the National Institute of Physics and the Department of Astronomy.

The projects concern lenses for industrial applications (cameras, image projections, filters, mirrors and optical windows) and lighting projects.


IODA has two lens production lines, MINERAL and REVO-01


The lenses are made from a glass blank, included finished and semi-finished, most of the industrial lenses and moulds for resin lenses. These lenses are obtained using a free-form machine.

IODA can machine almost all the types of optical glasses, either for visible light, and for ultraviolet and infrared light; a stock of optic glass is always available and a direct contact with the most important optic glass suppliers is easily possible.

We can realize also a complex surface, such as progressive lenses or aspherical lenses. We can produce also lenses, whose profile is being developed by an algorithm, thanks to our Free Form production line.

Link: Free Form production line

The control of the lens geometry is verified with interferometric and surface mapping systems, capable of highlighting differences between the virtual profile and the actual profile of the lens.




Developed in collaboration with Acomon AG, REVO-01 has been modified in order to create lenses that not only boast advanced optical properties but also light weight, with excellent mechanical properties and high stability over time (not sensitive to light UV).

Thanks to the REVO-01 and an innovative production process, IODA can also produce small batches of lenses in a timely manner and at low prices.

IODA has developed a 3D printing process thanks to which it is possible to produce lenses in REVO-01. This allows to reduce development times, create prototypes and modify them in low times and costs, making it even easier to create lighting systems with complex geometries. , link 3D printing

REVO-01 provides excellent optical, chemical and mechanical characteristics; therefore it can also be used in the presence of solvents or temperatures over 100 ° c

Link: REVO-01

IODA carries out all production in the Padua plant: from design to final testing, guaranteeing reliability and the best quality standards.

3D techology by IODA s.r.l