Set taratura frontifocometro

Focimeter calibration set by IODA s.r.l.

IODA is a company of technicians: from its inception in 1977 it has place the product at the center of its attention, developping specializations and technologies that have made IODAa leader in many sector sucha moulds for Cr39, prism and lenses for eletronics.


IODA designs and manufactures a wide range of lenses, both ophthalmic and for industrial use where high optical precision is required; it is important to underline the production of calibration sets for focusometers and auto refractometers and the polishing of steel inserts for the molding of presentation lenses.


IODA has a FreeForm glass production line that allows it to create “complex” glass lenses such as aspherical, toric or progressive profile lenses, in the case of ophthalmic lenses.



At the beginning of 2023, the new company Lux23 srl was established, which acquired from IODA srl the business branch concerning lighting applications, both the design and construction of lenses and optical systems. for more information visit: Lux23.it