The smart solutions for your job!

The smart solutions for your job.

IODA is an Italian company founded in 1977. Since then it has always worked in the optics production, making ophthalmic lenses, lenses for industrial applications or Led lenses for lighting.

IODA is a company of engineers, whose knowledge and technology distinguish it in the production of lenses, which is our main business. Thanks to our flexible production, we can create lenses following our customers’ peculiar requirements.

IODA has two lens production lines,

Mineral, in which the lenses are made from a glass blank, included finished and semi-finished, most of the industrial lenses and moulds for resin lenses. To make these lenses we use also a freeform machine, realizing a complex surface as progressive lenses, or lenses whose profile is being developed by an algorithm.

Organic, polymerization department able to produce finished and semi finished lenses in four different hard resin types:

  • Light (Cr39) n=1,498 ; abbe=58 ; ɣ=1,19
  • MIR (Midium index) n=1,546 ; abbe=44 ; ɣ=1,16
  • MR8 (High Index) n=1,597 ; abbe=41 ; ɣ=1,30
  • IODACHROME n=1,546 ; abbe=42 ; ɣ=1,19
  • REVO-01 (Polyurethane) n=1,51 for Led Lenses

We are able to produce semi finished with diameter over 80mm and thickness over 20 mm.