A customized optic LED integrated system, what does that mean?

Industrial lenses design

To us at IODA SRL it means drawing on our wealth of technical skills in order to plan, develop and create a fully customized solution.

We are a company of top technical professionals dedicated in producing since 1977 high quality lenses and we are able to putting in

place skills and technologies that make us stand out worldwide.

Our manufacturing flexibility and experiences gained over the years let us provide customers with the best solutions for their specific needs.

To us at IODA SRL cutomer relationship is essential because we share our know-how, pooling our knowledge and working together to study the final ,perfect proposal.

Moreover, our throughout supply chain (from the idea to the final realization) is developed totally in Italy.                       

Do you have a specific need to find out your solution to point the light? Then you are in the right team! Contact us and we will be happy to work with you.


Where do we start making your optic customized system?

To us at IODA SRL we start from a review of the lighting system so that  we can offer and produce the best solution.

What are IODA SRL pluses?

  • a goal-oriented and highly skilled team;
  • we have a production system called “FreeForm” for glass lens;
  • we have developed innovative production process for polyurethane optic lens;
  • a flexible production system is perfect for small-lot or pilot series