AltWork progressive semi finished

AltWork progressive semi finished

IODA progressive lensesAltworks is  a modern progressive lens with an ample zone for far but most of all, a wide canal that connects in only 16mm this area to the area for near.

Easy to use! AltWorks is an ideal lens for the first presbyopes but it causes immediate enthusiasm to the person who, having always used bifocal lenses, discovers now a new dynamic vision. The balance among the different areas (far, intermediate and near areas) makes this progressive lens extremely comfortable.IODA progressive AltWorks base

We have made this lens agreeable, studying particularly plane curves to improve the lens aesthetics, but at the same time we have the further advantage of a reduced weight and thickness, so that the total comfort of the product is increased.

Semi finished and finished progressive lenses are made in Hard resin (n=1,498 ; abbe=58 ;  ɣ=1,19).

The semi finished lenses are made in diameter 75mm, the distance between optic and geometric point is 5,00mm.

Available base: 2,25; 4,25 ; 5,50 e 7,50  ;  Addition range between 1,00 and 3,50 diopters






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