Aries Hyperaspheric Semi finished lenses, High myopia solution

Aries Hyperaspheric Semi finished lenses, High myopia solution

Aries Hyperaspheric Semi finished lenses

– High myopia solution –

IODA Aries hyperaspheric semi finished titanium
The Hyperaspheric semi finished lenses are an excellent solution for the people afflicted by medium and high myopia.

The main characteristic of this type of lens is the concave surface worked with the aim to reduce remarkably the thickness of the lens border and therefore the finished lens is thinner than the traditional one.

The Hyperaspheric semi finished lenses Aries are characterized by a particular profile; on the concave surface we create a spheric central zone that constitutes the optic zone useful for the vision, the edge is worked with a positive base and then gently smoothed to give the lens the maximum profile quality and make invisible the passage from the optic zone to the edge of the lens.

Aries hard resins are obtained directly from polymerization; the central zone has an aspheric profile, which contributes to increase the optic quality and at the same time to reduce the thickness, the edge profile (contrary to the semi-finished mineral) never becomes a positive base.

Semi finished lenses are available in the following materials :

  • Titanium n=1,700 ; abbe=34,6 ; ɣ=3,21
  • Titanium n=1,802 ; abbe=34,6 ; ɣ=3,65
  • Light (Cr39) n=1,498 ; abbe=58 ; ɣ=1,19
  • MR8 (High Index) n=1,597 ; abbe=41 ; ɣ=1,30

Aries Hyperaspheric datashet

N.B. In each mould we write the base and the progressive number. So we can guarantee our production traceability. We use the same class moulds for all the hard resin types, therefore the Nominal base can be different from the real base.






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