C-series COB Lenses for light diffuser

We have often received requests for a diffusing lens that increases the native angular projection of a COB to resemble an incandescent bulb, in which the light is radiated almost 360 degrees, and we at IODA could not ignore that request!

Using a normal COB Led, without any secondary optics, the light distribution angle is about +/- 70 °, but for some applications this angle is still not enough, using the C series diffuser lenses it is possible to increase the angle projection over 110 degrees, as seen in the photo.




In the two photos above we used a Citizen COB. the first photo has no optics and you can see how the light does not illuminate the table and the heat sink, while in the second photo the C6-B lens is used, it is evident how the angular opening of the emitted light is much wider, illuminated in the support surface of the heat sink also starts.

After different laboratory tests, we have indentified in our model CB and more recently in the latest C7 model the best solution to diffuse light from a COB souce.

The C6-B model is available with a base designed to be drilled and mounted on a holder or with a base with a diameter reduced to just 37mm.


The new model called C7  is also suitable for COB high power and with emission diameters up to 20mm.

C series, Model C7
Shape : free-form profile.
Base diameter : 55 mm.
Lens base diameter : 40 mmm.
Edge thickness : 3.0 mm.
Center thickness : 14.5 mm.
Angle distribution : EXTRA-WIDE
Back focal length : Infinite
Weigh t: 21 gr.
Material : REVO-01


IODA ,attitude to development



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