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(Italiano) Ricarica auto elettriche

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Design and functionality, THR_Project

One of the determining factors in the efficiency of a lighting system is the optics. The aim of the THR projectT is the possibility of having independent opics of the luminaire, which can be replaced in a very simple way, and therefore to change the type of lighting that is given to the environment without…
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Auto Refractometer Calibration Set

The calibration set for auto refractometers / keratometers is equipped with 8 samples suitable to cover the whole range of powers of commonly used ophthalmic lenses. The interval in close steps is designed to ensure control of all measurable powers. The lenses are made with quality optical glass and with technologies used exclusively for the…
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Rapid prototyping for LED lenses

Using rapid prototyping process to create and test new lens geometries allows you to launch your product on the market before the competitors. How is this possible? With 3D printing it is easier and faster making changes to the lens design, considering also a significant reduction of the development costs involved .   It is…
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New 20X20 R12.5mm cylindrical lens

Small is beautiful! perhaps, but certainly the small size of the new cylindrical lens makes it usable in multiple applications. The material used is REVO-01, See link REVO-01 The basic dimensions are 20X20mm, edge thickness 3mm, radius of curvature 12.5mm Refractive index (nd) 1,507, dioptric power (Sph) +51, back focal length 18.5mm To see the…
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Light & Design

Lenses in a projection system are often studied according to the specific requirements of the application, therefore angular distribution, efficiency, homogeneity of the projected light etc. At other times the lens is an integral part of the device design, therefore it must have a shape approved by the designer and in harmony with the whole…
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“rough” projector lenses

When you think of a lens, you generally imagine a solid with two curved surfaces (concave and / or convex) both shiny, i.e. completely transparent. In some lighting applications, a surface of the lens that is “rough”, saying it is not shiny, can be a simple solution to make the projected light more homogeneous and…
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Custom light diffusers

IODA is increasingly focused on the creation of “custom” lenses for lighting applications, sharing our knowledge in the world of optics in order to support you in the development of new LED lighting systems. Starting from lenses developed in our laboratories, as in this case in the C Series models (

Battery led module

IODA, in collaboration with LLS Italia and Disway, produces a complete green lighting system (520nm). The system has the possibility of collimating the light providing an angular opening between + / 10 ° and +/- 2 °. The system can work wireless as it is present on the lithium batteries. The Led module provides a…
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Array Led Lens on demand

IODA is able to design and build lens modules (also called matrices) to be combined with a PCB already existing, studying the most suitable optics according to the angular distribution of the required light and also considering the mechanical constraints (distance between the LEDs, dimensions, etc.). Thanks to the skills developed in the use of…
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