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Set taratura frontifocometro

Up-grade Focimeter Set

Following the required standards, IODA has obtained compliance with ISO 9342-1: 2005. It is possible now to use in addition to the basic set of 12 lenses, further 4 prismatic lenses of diopters 2, 10, 15, 20. In this way IODA extends the verification range and accuracy of optical device measurement. Link Focimeter calibration set

Spherocylindrical-power reference lens

IODA has made this octagonal lens with one spherical surface and one toroidal surface that is used to check the non-symmetric error given by the automated focimeter after calibration. The specially mounted spherocylindrical-power reference lens with a power of –2,00 D sph/–1,50 D cyl, of ophthalmic form and quality conforming to ISO 8980-1, shall have…
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IODA has developed in the years experiences and competence to realize special tools for the production of prisms. The materials for the production of prisms are the following: – REVO-01 (Polyurethane) n=1,51 – Mineral (Crown) as BK7, Flint (KzF2) and others. Benefits Ioda can produce prisms with different dimensions and angles, according to customer needs.

Ultra narrow light beam

The flat convex lenses (PCX) have a first convex (positive) surface and a second flat surface that give a positive focal length to each lens. The focal length of PCX lenses is in relation with the material used, the radius of curvature and the wavelength of the light radiation taken as a reference. Thanks to…
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Zoom Led System

We design and manufacture lenses for special lighting applications: the lens model ASP-D-83 is a clear example of our job. ASP-D-83 is a plano -aspherical lens used in a light projector; with a single lens we can vary the angular aperture of the light emitted by up to +/- 15 degrees. Benefits Usually a lens…
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A solarimeter is a pyranometer, a type of measuring device used to measure combined direct and diffuse solar radiation. Ioda produces the dome of the solarimeter, which has been called Glass Dome. The material used is quartz K5; the dome is optically processed for maximum surface and dimensional quality. Benefits Ioda can also create specific…
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L.O.B. – Lens On Board

The basis of these lenses has two or three holes with interaxis 35mm, but it can be customized according to the specific application. Benefits The aspherical curvature of the lens makes the light emitted homogeneous accross the illuminated area. The illumination system allows higher efficiency, especially for narrow emission angles. Considerable space saving is given…
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New D-series Led Lenses diameter 70mm

The lenses of the D series, (abbreviation of Driver), were initially developed for the realization of projectors destined for the automotive after-market market (cars and motorcycles). Thanks to the accurate aspheric profile of the convex lens, developed in collaboration with INAF – Astronomical Observatory of Padovae, and to the use of a new polyurethane material,…
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C.O.B. Led Lens IP68

The peculiarity of this lens lies in the edge, since a groove has been created to accommodate an o-ring, in order to guarantee the degree of protection required for outdoor lamps, in this application IP68. (International Protection class). The groove is made directly on the mold, without any additional processing after polymerization; the structure of…
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Profile projection system

IODA has developed a system that allows to project the profile of an object for the examination, the projected object is enlarged 5 times (5X magnification). The instrument is inserted in a production line, therefore the dimensions and the position of the components are constraints imposed by the customer. The profile projection system consists of:…
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