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Curved Cylindrical Mirror

December 2018 A curved mirror is a mirror with a curved reflecting surface , IODA built a cylindrical glass lens BK-7 with a very precise convex curvature to be used by a camera in order to obtain a wide-angle view.     When a beam of paraxial rays and parallel to the optical axis is…
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New Fresnel led lens diameter 202mm back focal 100mm

New Fresnel led lens, diameter 202mm back focal length 100mm, extra size lens can be used with high performance COBs. The material of this lens is REVO-01, polyurethane material developped with Acomon AG. REVO-01 This Fresnel lens is added to the range of Fresnel lenses already produced by IODA s.r.l. Link Fresnel led lens by…
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Prismatic projector lens

The lightning of one painting with a projector hanging on the ceiling causes a problem about the light intensity, as the light cannot be homogeneous on the illuminated surface, but it is more intense on the upper side of the painting (nearer to the emitter) giving the effect of less lighting on the lower part…
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Spherocylindrical-power reference lens

October 2018 IODA has made this octagonal lens with one spherical surface and one toroidal surface that is used to check the non-symmetric error given by the automated focimeter after calibration. The specially mounted spherocylindrical-power reference lens with a power of –2,00 D sph/–1,50 D cyl, of ophthalmic form and quality conforming to ISO 8980-1,…
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Bi-cylindrical LED lens

IODA has exclusively developed a new lens for the company Kria s.r.l. Link The light is emitted by two rows of IR LEDs, thanks to this particular lens the light is guided so as to irradiate only a defined area, improving the performance of the application. The material of this lens is REVO-01, polyurethane…
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IODA and APICE, new cooperation

IODA has started a work cooperation with APICE company since January 2017. APICE is a sale representative company which has been working since 1996, when the European directives about the electromagnetic compatibility (89/3336/CEE of January 1 1992) has become mandatory to supply technical and sale support for the tuning of electric and electronic equipment in…
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C7 new diffuser led lens

C7 LED lens is a new diffuser lens that thanks to the new profile diffuses the light generated by a COB over 180 °. Compared to the model C6 diffuser lens, Link C6 diffuser led lens this new model is also suitable for COB high power and with emission diameters up to 20mm. In the…
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IODA and “il sole 24 ore ” article 30/11/2015

On 30/11/2015 the insert Northeast newspaper business / finance “il sole 24 ore” This is an interview with Francesco Battisti, Head of Marketing IODA srl. IODA has been mentioned in this prestigious journal as it has distinguished itself in the Italian North East, for technological innovation and opening new markets.

ASP-D-83 lens for special lighting application

October 2015 ASP-D-83 Aspherical led lens application A SP-D-83 is a plano -asfpherical lens used in a light projector; with a single lens it is possible to vary the angular aperture of the light emitted, this is possible by varying the distance of the lens from the led. The distance between the led and the…
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HORIZON 2020 -RLT Pro Food-

It is a pleasure to inform you that thanks to our working team, we were able to enter the first phase of funding europe “Horizont2020” The RLT Pro Food project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 694588 Resource-efficient eco-innovative food production and processing Thank…
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