“rough” projector lenses

When you think of a lens, you generally imagine a solid with two curved surfaces (concave and / or convex) both shiny, i.e. completely transparent.

In some lighting applications, a surface of the lens that is “rough”, saying it is not shiny, can be a simple solution to make the projected light more homogeneous and eliminate the chromatic aberrations that are normally present. Our lenses for L series projectors have been born from this idea.

You can compare the 2 different lenses below. In the following two images we have created a light projection using a C.O.B. having 12mm LES; in the former image a D55-AD30 lens was used (glossy finish), while in the latter one we used a D55-AD30L model lens (rough finish).



In the here above photoes both lenses have the same geometric profile, the base of the lens is placed 14mm from the base where the C.O.B. rests, the distance between C.O.B. and the reference screen is 1000mm, the diameter of the footprint of the projected light is 750mm, resulting in an angular projection equal to +/- 20 ° (40 degrees total).

For more information about L series lenses you can visit our. web page: L Series