Ultra narrow light beam

The flat convex lenses (PCX) have a first convex (positive) surface and a second flat surface that give a positive focal length to each lens.

The focal length of PCX lenses is in relation with the material used, the radius of curvature and the wavelength of the light radiation taken as a reference.

Thanks to the continuous development of our production technology, we can build lenses with convex radii extremely contained, (4, 5 and 6 mm), and therefore we can reach very short focal lengths. In this way it is possible to place the LED source near the flat side of the lens.

The effective diameter of the lens (a hemisphere) is twice the radius; a circular flange is present for the positioning of the lens.

The positioning of the LED near the plane of the lens allows to create very compact lighting applications and to obtain excellent performance, although the lens has a very small diameter.

The lenses produced in polyurethane REVO-01 material are characterized by very short focal (4 mm per lens, diameter 10 mm); therefore they have really reduced angular distribution values.