New D-series Led Lenses diameter 70mm

The lenses of the D series, (abbreviation of Driver), were initially developed for the realization of projectors destined for the automotive after-market market (cars and motorcycles).

D55-30 with angular distribution +/- 30°

Thanks to the accurate aspheric profile of the convex lens, developed in collaboration with INAF – Astronomical Observatory of Padovae, and to the use of a new polyurethane material, called REVO-01, IODA’s D series lenses stand out for their high homogeneity of the light emitted, due to the very high yield.

The first lens developed by IODA upon indication of a specific application was the D55-AD30 version, lens with 55 mm diameter and angular projection of +/- 30 °.

Over time, the D-series lenses have been used in many other applications as they have shown excellent performance combined with extended and non-homogeneous light sources (such as C.O.B. or power LEDs), the 70mm diameter was developed, declined in 3 angular openings, in order to be able to provide an ever wider offer.

D55-AD20 by IODA srl

The IODA application office supports the client in the development of the lighting project, helping him to choose the best solution for his application.

Lighting systems using D-series lenses are used for the external lighting of buildings such as internal and external courtyards or other outdoor spaces of schools, industrial buildings, but also for lighting facades of churches, museums and other buildings historical, monuments, for the internal lighting of warehouses, gyms, swimming pools, industrial sheds.

In addition to the models available in stock, IODA can create new lenses according to the specific requests of the customer, for example in the case of “retrofitting” existing lighting systems, in which the lens must be subject to the existing dimensional constraints (height, diameter etc.) and guarantee the desired angular projection.

Link: D Series C.O.B. Lenses