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IODA led lighting "Custom" project.

IODA led lighting “Custom” project.

The search of sustained and profitable growth in an increasingly competitive market and an overflow of today takes a frontal struggle with the competition, which results in a bloody “red ocean”, full of rivals fighting over a potential profit, more and more reduced.

In this context, IODA argues that the leaders of tomorrow will be successful not by defeating their competitors, but rather by creating “blue oceans” of uncontested market spaces, where growth is guaranteed by some innovative products and the ”temporary” absence of competitors.

In IODA’s concept, the new “blue oceans” are new products that go beyond the existing demand, exploring new solutions and promoting exclusive products.

The innovation value is the focus of IODA. It requires to extend its own research and skills beyond the historical (optical) company sector, it has been necessary therefore:

– to create a heterogeneous work team, with the collaboration of the University of Padua and some professionals in the fields of physics, chemistry, robotics and marketing.

REVO-01 for led lenses

– to work strictly together with our suppliers, asking them to become active and collaborative in the development and prototyping, essentially involving them with our job.

– to redefine the boundaries of the market, exploring new policy areas where business skills, productive capacity and the possibility to collaborate with our clients can create new “customer” solutions, which becomes an important added value (an example is the new line of lenses Led N -series).