Industrial Products Overview

Industrial Products Overview

Industrial lenses

IODA designs and produces a wide range of ophthalmic and industrial lenses. These lenses can be either in Mineral, such as crown (BK7) or Flint glass (KzF2), or special anti RX glass (used to produce special glasses for specific usages in medical rooms), or else in hard thermosetting resins (direct casting), like Cr39(dietilen-bis-allil-carbonato), MR8 or REVO-01 having excellent mechanical and optical characteristics.

The choice of the materials to produce the lens depends on different factors: the final usage, the electromagnetic spectrum, the robustness and mechanical deformability, the reduction of aberrations, the requested target price by the customer.

IODA has developed a new polyurethane material, called REVO-01, which produces lenses specifically dedicated to the lighting world.


Most of our products are:

Aspherical led lens diameter 14mm, material BK7

  • Plano convex lenses,  plano concave lenses, biconvex and biconcave lenses , from 10 mm
    diameters to 400 mm.
  • Aspheric Cr39 lenses plano convex or meniscus, from 20 mm diameters to 75 mm.
  • Prisms and cylindrical lenses, designed to meet the requirements of laser electro/optic applications.
  • Polishing of still iron moulds for ophthalmic lenses productions.
  • Optical systems and parables designed to individual needs, made ​​of resin and then coated.
  • Glass domes for pyranometers.
  • Led Light Lenses.