REVO-01 The ultimate Led lenses material

REVO-01 The ultimate Led lenses material

REVO-01 by ACOMON AG, the timeless material


REVolution is a monomer of Acomon AG (a Japanese multinational belonging to the Mitsui group) used for the production of ophthalmic lenses, it has been modified by IODA transforming it into what is now the REVO-01.

Developed in collaboration with Acomon AG, REVO-01 has been modified in order to create lenses that not only boast advanced optical properties but also light weight, with excellent mechanical properties and high stability over time (not sensitive to light UV).

REVO-01 is characterized by:

– Excellent high optical transparency characteristics; high Abbe number and high refractive index.

– Excellent mechanical characteristics, excellent impact resistance, mechanical workability, toughness and high resistance to chemicals (resistance to solvents such as acetone, benzene, and ethanol).

– Excellent resistance to high temperatures, while the PMMA or polycarbonate lenses is advisable not to exceed 75/80 ° C for the operating temperature, with lenses REVO-01 you can go up to 110 ° C without any problem.
IODA is engaged in the design and manufacture of lenses.

REVO-01 is crucial for the creation of innovative products and high technological content.

Properties of REVO-01 material:

These features make it suitable to create Led Lenses with high quality and great optical performance.







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