RLTproFood – lighting for food processing –


Resource-efficient eco-innovative food production and processing system

Food processing and production industries in the market of fresh organic food are facing the challenges, in their working facilities, of improving food safety and quality, while achieving a significant reduction in energy use and waste generation.

The RLTProFood project aims at a feasibility assessment using our product, the RLT (Remote Lighting technology), that exploits the energy saver, efficient, and environmental friendly LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) technology, together with customized optical systems; in fact, we can obtain a lighting system for the food working facilities, facing such a challenge.

RLT proFood

The product is a compact system, realized with sustainable components and with a structure that allows to deliver different kinds of light (e.g., visible, and ultraviolet) remotely without losing performance, according to the customer’s needs. It is easily installed in food industry facilities (e.g. production lines or cooking ovens), avoiding, with its design, any direct contact with the food.

Currently it has two main settings: the LED visible light RLT contributes to optimize the process of lighting food facilities, the UV LED light RLT provides a sterilization and germicidal treatment. The product aims to reach the EU market of organic fresh food producers and in particular of vegetables, fruits, dairy, bakery and fresh pasta, where the beneficial effects of the RLT in its two main configurations allow energy and waste reductions, while improving food safety and quality.

The feasibility assessment in the Phase 1 includes: (i) economic viability of the RLT system with its main settings in the EU organic fresh food market with market analysis and commercialization plan and (ii) technical feasibility of the LED UV RLT, developing a pilot application for testing the product in an industry environment.
Phase 2 funding could improve the economic assessment of the product in the EU market and implement the pilot application for porting the LED UV RLT in the market.






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