Altworks hard resin progressive lenses, Index 1,498 uncoated.

IODA progressive lensesAltworks is  a modern progressive lens with an ample zone for far distance, characterized by a particularly wide channel. Its greatest strength is its user-friendliness.

Easy to use! Although AltWorks is an ideal lens for the first presbyopes, it can cause an immediate enthusiasm to people who, having been using until now bifocal lenses, are now descovering a new dynamic vision. This progressive lens is extremely confortable because of the balance among the different areas (saying: far, intermediate and near areas).

The “soft design” of progressive lenses and the wide channel of only 16 mm size allow the lenses to be fitted also in small frames, increasing the total comfort of the product, being of reduced weight and thickness.

Semi finished and finished progressive lenses are made in Hard resin (n=1,498 ; abbe=58 ;  ɣ=1,19).

Finished lenses are produced directly by polymerization and guarantee the highest quality of the immage.

Lense diameter : 70mm,
Range : power for far area between 0,00 and + 3,00,
addition : between 1,00 and 3,00 dioptres.

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