Aspheric lenses available in a wide range.

Ray Tracing IODA aspheric lenses calculation
Among the organic resin lenses, the lenses of aspherical geometry have gradually encroached on the market at the expense of the lenses of spherical geometry.

This has happened thanks to their lower weight, reduced thickness and to their high optical quality, which allows the reduction of various aberrations, including field curvature, astigmatism by oblique beams and the longitudinal spherical aberration.

IODA produces aspheric glass moulds on its site, which allow to create finished and semi finished lenses
IODA aspheric design

With the cooperation of the University of Padova, IODA has created a new software called “Ray Tracing” which permits to calculate with great precision the vision ray and therefore calculate the ideal aspheric correction, so that to reduce to a minimum level the above mentioned aberrations in every part of the lens.IODA aspheric lenses

The hyperbolic curve of IODA’s lenses allows to produce elegant and refined glasses, even with lenses of significant power increasing at the same time the comfort for the wearer.

The finished lenses are available in 60 and 65mm diameter, the spheric power ranges from +1,00 to +8.00, with cylinder till 2,00 dioptries (until Sph +6,00 Cyl+2,00).

All IODA products, including the aspherical semi-finished and finished lenses, are produced in Padua, by specialized technicians who follow all the production steps, including 100% control (we check our lens one by one).

In each lens you can find all the commitment and knowledge of a company that puts the quality of its products as its principal objective.

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