Semi finished Wave3 and Wave5 for high power lenses

Semi finished, omega type, available also in index 1,6 ; thanks to a short convex radius it is possible to produce high positive dioptres power.
There are two different profiles:

Wave3 semi finished has a slope between center and the edge, the optic field change following the bases, base 10 has 41mm of optic field until base 27 with only 30mm as optic field, all the bases are availble in diameter 65mm,

Wave3 semi_finished

The power of the lens is calculated with concave negative radius (meniscus lens).

Bases 20;23 and 27 have a small optic field , in order to create lenses with high power and small diameter.

N.B. Bases 18 and 20 have similar convex radius but different optic field.

IODA wave 5

Wave5 has no slope between center and the edge, the optic field is still the same for all bases (40mm), the semi finished ones are avalble in diameter 40mm.

Wave3 and Wave5 are available in :

Light (Cr39) n=1,498 ; abbe=58 ; ɣ=1,19
MIR (Midium index) n=1,546 ; abbe=44 ; ɣ=1,16
MR8 (High Index) n=1,597 ; abbe=41 ; ɣ=1,30
IODACHROME n=1,546 ; abbe=42 ; ɣ=1,19

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