Fresnel lenses

The main feature of Fresnel lenses is the excellent power of light collection.

This skill  allows the use of these lenses in a great range of applications, particularly in lighting applications, when the choice of emitter is LED C.O.B. of great power.

The Fresnel lens allows the construction of large lenses, but with a small focal length, without bulk, the thickness and weight of the material needed to build them are lower than a conventional spherical lens of equivalent dioptric power.

This particular lens is used in many sectors such as lighting for the theater, movies’ sets or photographic studios and industrial uses, such as in infrared applications (I.R.) to create safety barriers or motion detection.

Features of Fresnel lenses

Fresnel lenses consist in a series of concentric grooves etched onto one surface. Their thin, lightweight construction, available in small as well as large sizes and excellent light gathering ability make them useful in a great range of applications.



Groove Density

The groove density of a lens is measured in the number of grooves per millimeter. Higher groove density (more grooves per millimeter) results in a better quality of the images with lower optical efficiency, while the lower density of the lenses yield a better efficiency with poorer images. Low density lenses are most suitable for light gathering applications, while high density lenses are more suitable for imaging and projection.

The grooves in a Fresnel lens act as individual refracting surfaces, much like a group of tiny prisms. The grooved surfaces replace the continuous surface of a conventional lens into a set of surfaces with the same curvature.

Fresnel Lenses datasheet:

These lenses are made of polyurethane optical, called REVO-01, which is a material developed by IODA in collaboration with Mitsui & CO. , LTD (a Japanese multinational leader in ophthalmic monomers). This material allows the lens to last over time, being UV-resistant, and makes it suitable for both indoors and outdoors usages.


We are patented: we at IODA SRL are designing and testing a new production method for Fresnel lenses.
It will be possible to create new lenses on demand in an economic and fast way, thanks also to 3D Print technology.






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