N-series Collimator Led lens

N-series Collimator Led lens

N series Led lenses have been developed for Cree XT-E Leds and similar ones (diode dimension untill 1,8 mm).

Thanks to the cooperation with the University of Padua, IODA has developed a new type of “collimator secondary led light lenses”. These lenses for lighting LED are not reflecting parabolas, but are penetrated by the light emitted and “drive” the light beam by adjusting the amplitude of the angle of emission ensuring maximum efficiency.

N-Series Lenses profile

The usage of these collimator LED lenses allow you:
– to reach an angular distribution with high performance. (90% of the emitted light is directed to the right direction),
– to obtain extreme compact lens solutions,
– to work in a wide operating temperature range (among -40°c~ and+110°c REVO-01 material)
– to be stable over time and resistant to U.V. rays.

The N-series lenses include the following models:
N-11 with angle distribution = +/- 11 degrees.
N-20 with angle distribution = +/- 20 degrees.
N-30 with angle distribution = +/- 30 degrees.
N-40 with angle distribution = +/- 40 degrees.

The plano-convex lenses are developed with a special aspherical convex design. These lenses are created thanks to the free form production line and can faithfully reproduce the design of the lens.The base diameter of the lenses is 14 mm.

The innovative lens shape with the new optical materials gives high performance and efficiency to your led light source, allowing you to use led light in new ways.

Rendering of aspherical lenses surface N-Series

N-Series lenses for test bench using Cree XT E

Angular projection of light as a function of the different curvature of the lens

N-Series lighting


N series lenses are available in NF, LK and multi-lens modules


NF Model

NF model to be used with “Star” led base.

NF_Drawing IODA s.r.l.

NF_Drawing IODA s.r.l.

NF series is with a special base for STAR Led. There are three holes on the lens base, diameter 3.0 mm, interaxis 20 mm or 2 holes, diameter 3.0 mm, interaxis 20 mm.
All these NF lenses have a base diameter 26.2 mm; edge thickness 4.0 mm.

NF-11 with angle distribution = +/- 11 degrees; center thickness 11.5 mm; weight 3 gr.
NF-20 with angle distribution = +/- 20 degrees; center thickness 10.0 mm; weight 2.7 gr.
NF-30 with angle distribution = +/- 30 degrees; center thickness 7.1 mm; weight 2.6 gr.
NF-40 with angle distribution = +/- 40 degrees; center thickness 6.1 mm; weight 2.4 gr.

LK Model

LK Model by IODA slr

LK series lenses (thanks to the outer diameter of only 20 mm) allow to create lighting solutions extremely compact.
The special design of the base of the lens makes it simple to use them with a fixing flange or pasting directly into the base.


Lens Module

Multi Led lenses “Custom” by IODA s.r.l.

Multi Led lenses M3 “Custom” by IODA s.r.l.

Thanks to our particular production system, IODA can create “multi led Lenses” on customer’s request.
IODA can offer the possibility to create unique solutions for the customer, in an easy and fast way. Finally the secondary lenses will be a resource to complete and make unique your work!


REVO-01 polyurethane monomer

REVO-01 is made of Polyurethane monomer material with excellent mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance properties.

This monomer is usually used for casting plastic lenses for eyewear, sunglasses and other plastic products requiring high abrasion resistance and high quality optical properties, showing better mechanical and optical characteristics when compared with lenses made by the procedure of injection molding with thermoplastic resins. — REVO-01 trademark of IODA s.r.l. —

Link: REVO-01

The lenses could be produced also in glass BK7 for special applications, when they must work with high temperature or in an aggressive atmosphere.